Form Building: Email Field

The Email field type is used to collect email addresses from your responder! This field only accepts valid email address and any other text or number based input will not be accepted. Let's take a quick look at the uses and settings available for the Email field!



After adding an Email field to your form, the field settings panel will open.



In the Details section of the field settings, you can change the name of the field, add a field description, adjust the size of your field, and mark the field as required.


Details section of the email field settings

Email Settings

There are several settings you can apply to the Email field that will allow you to control the type of emails you will accept.


Email settings menu

Limit To Domain

You can limit which email address domains you will accept in this field. In the picture above, for example, we've indicated that we will only accept email addresses from the domain. You can accept multiple domains.


If the responder enters an email address that is not from the authorized domains, they will receive an error letting them know and they will not be able to submit the form response.


only valid emails from authorized domains are accepted.

Confirm Email Address

When Confirm Email Address is selected, a second email field will appear on your form. Responders will be prompted to enter their email twice. The email address entered in each field must match in order for the responder to submit the form.


Confirm email address

Check If Valid Person

This setting will confirm the email address entered matches an active person on your Involve site. The email addresses in Involve are provided by your campus. If the email address entered does not match a active person in Involve, you'll need to connect with your Campus Administrator to see what options are available.

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