Form Building: File Upload

The File Upload field is one of our advanced field types. This field allows the person responding to your form to upload a document as part of their submission. This field type is ideal for documents that require specific formatting (such as a resume) or supporting documents such as a copy of a receipt. Here's a quick look at the File Upload field!



It is important to note that files uploaded to a response cannot be bulk exported. To access the attached uploads, you will need to open the individual response and click on the link to download/view the document.



After adding a File Upload field to your form, the field settings panel will open automatically. The Details section allows you to change the name of your field, provide an optional description, adjust the size of the field, and make the field required for responders.


Details section of File Upload field settings

File Upload Settings

The File Upload settings are the settings unique to this field type. Here you can choose to limit the type of file the responder uploads to this field. For example, if you need students to upload a copy of their organization's constitution, you can limit the type of documents accepted to "documents" or "PDFs".


You can choose as many file types from the dropdown menu as you would like!


File upload settings menu

If the responder attempts to upload a different file type than what is accepted, the responder will receive a message at the bottom of their screen letting them know. The message will include the types of files that are accepted in that field based on the settings you apply.


To continue with our example, we indicated that we'd like students to upload a copy of their constitution and we have limited our accepted file type to "Documents". If a student tries to upload an image of their highly adorable puppy, they will receive the following message. (We still want the puppy picture though.)


Message to end user describing the types of files accepted.


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