Form Building: Image Search

The Image Search field allows you to collect an image as part of your form. This field will allow your responders to search a royalty free image database for stock images or choose to upload an image from their device.



There are lots of uses for an Image Search field on your form! This field is a perfect way to collect headshots for an audition process, accept submissions for a "Cutest Pet" competition, or give organizations a little more space to share a few group photos.



The Details section of the Image Search field settings menu allows you to rename your field, provide an optional description, resize your field, and make the field required for responders.


Details section of the Image Search field settings menu.

Uploading A Custom Image

Form responders have two options available: They can upload their own image or they can use the search feature to choose a stock image. If they'd like to upload their own image, responders can click into the "Choose Image" field. A pop up menu will appear allowing them to select an image that is stored on their device.

Cover image field showing the upload option

Choosing A Stock Image

Responders can also choose from a catalog of royalty free images! Responders can click on the "Search" tab, then type in a keyword to find an image that works best for them!


Cover image field showing an image search option

Once you've made your change, scroll to the top of the page and click the green "Submit" or "Submit For Approval" button. If changing your cover image requires Campus Admin approval, your request will be sent off for review. If your campus does not require additional review, the change will be reflected immediately.


What's The Difference Between An Image Search Field and a File Upload Field?

The File Upload Field allows you to choose from a variety of different files to accept, including images! By comparison, the Image Search field only allows for image uploads in addition to the stock image library. Choosing the ideal field will depend on your needs!

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