Form Building: Content, Header, & Image Fields

There are several types of Layout fields you can use to build your forms! Layout fields are great for providing information or content to your responders to review! Let's take a look!



The Details section of the field settings allows you to change the name of the field, add an optional description, and adjust the size of the field. This is available on all layout fields.


Details section of layout field settings


Content Field

The content field provides form creators with a place to share text, images, hyperlinks, and videos. Text can be formatted to create headings, bulleted lists, and more!


Content editor of the rich text content field.

Header Field

Header fields do just that: Create a heading for your content! The text will appear bolded and in an H1 heading size. A description can be added below the header by using the description field in the field settings.

Header field with description

Image Field

Image fields allow you to add an image to your form. The image will appear on your form for your responders to see! In the example below, you can add an image to your "Meet Our Pets" form! (Thanks for the assist, AJ!)


Image field in a form and field setting menu for the image field

If you need to provide a field for the responder to upload an image to their response, you can use an Image Search field instead!



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