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You may wish to have responders choose from a list of organizations as an answer to your question. Whether it's for a club fair registration form or reporting service hours on behalf of a club, the Organizations Widget is a great field to use! This field provides a list of organizations that exist on your campus, so you don't have to worry about misspelled names or unrecognized acronyms. Plus, this field can be the basis for approval and notification stages! Let's take a look at this field!




The Details section of the field settings allows you to change the name of the field, add an optional description, adjust the size of the field, and make the field required for responders completing the form.


Details section of the field settings menu

Organization Widget Settings

Here are the additional settings that are available for the Organization Widget field.


Organization Widget settings
  • Limit By Status - Allows you to limit the list of organizations to active organizations, organizations in transition, or inactive organizations.

  • Limit By Category - Allows the responder to choose from organizations in a specific category such as Student Organizations or Greek Organizations.

  • *Limit By Membership - The responder will only see a list of organization they belong to as a member or officer.

  • *Limit By Access - this limits the list of organizations to those the responder has administrative access to.

  • Allow Multiple Choices - allows the responder to choose multiple organizations

  • Hide Disabled Organizations - This option is automatically selected by default. You will need to uncheck this option to allow disabled organizations to show in the dropdown menu.

*This option will only be available if "login required" is enabled on your form.

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