Skipping Stages in Approval Workflows

How can I manage my approval process as a User with Edit or higher access to a form?


Is one of your colleagues who is a part of your approval workflows out of the office? Do you have a submission that you just need to make sure gets approved? The good news is that Users who have at least Edit or higher access to a form can skip stages in the approval workflow!


When you see a form that needs your approval, you will still see the same Approve button in the top-right corner of the submission. If it is not your stage to approve, you will see a "Skip Approval Stage" button instead! To find the forms that you need to approve, go to the admin side of the system, scroll to the navigation bar on the left side of the page, then select Forms.


Admin dashboard highlighting the Forms option in the navigation bar


Once you are on the Forms landing page, click the Responses tab at the top of the page to access your Forms Responses Inbox.


Responses Inbox

Next, click the Status filter button and then sort by Pending Approval. If a response is pending your approval, there will be a green Approve button at the top-right of the submission. If you have Edit or higher access to the form and it requires someone else's approval, it will say "Skip Approval Stage"!


Single submission view with Skip Approval Stage button

If you click the "Skip Approval Stage" button, it will approve the active approval stage the form is currently on and send it on to the next stage of the process!



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