Accessing Draft Responses

Locating A Form Response Saved As A Draft


Saving your form response as a draft allows you to continue working on your submission at a later time, without losing the work you've already put into it! Here's how you can access any of your form responses that have been saved as a draft in two easy steps: Accessing your mailbox and finding your draft submission.


There are two ways to get to your drafts depending on your level of access:


Student Portal Instructions

Sign in to Involve, then click the person icon in the upper right corner. Select Profile from the dropdown menu:


Profile menu on the student portal

This will bring you to your user profile page. Click on the Responses tab below your name to access your mailbox:


Form response inbox on the student portal

Note: if you are looking for a draft finance form, you will need to access your responses from the admin dashboard (see instructions below).


Admin Dashboard Instructions

To access your inbox from the admin side of the system, click on Forms from the left navigation menu:


Left navigation menu options

Next, click on the Responses tab at the top of the page. This will bring you to your mailbox! 


Forms Response Inbox on the administrative dashboard

Next, choose your Inbox or your Outbox! Your inbox contains forms to which you have admin access as well as forms on which you have been listed as an approver. If you have admin access for a specific form, you will be able to see draft submissions to said form. Not all Involve users will have an Inbox (and that's okay!).


Your Outbox will contain any outbound submission you submitted or saved as a draft.


In order to view form responses that are saved as a draft, you will need to click on the Status filter button and place a checkmark next to the Drafts option.


Forms response inbox on admin dashboard. The status filter menu is expanded.

To continue working on your draft, click on the form response from the mailbox listing on the left of the screen. A preview of the response will show in the right frame of the screen. Click the Edit button to continue working on your form response!


A form response in the inbox. An edit button is available.

If needed, you can re-save your submission as a draft to finish at a later time, or submit your completed response!

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