Denying A Form Response

Saying no can be a difficult task for some folks, but a necessity at times. We understand how tough it can be to hit the Big Red X on someone's request, so we make the process as easy as possible! 

As an approver for a form, it's up to you to decide to approve the request or deny it. Here's what happens when a form submission is denied:

Denials can be completed through the Inbox or by viewing the form response individually. In the upper right corner, click on the small arrow to the right of the green Approve button.

Here's a view from the Inbox: 

And here's what it looks like when viewing the full response:

Next, select Deny. A pop-up box will appear asking you to confirm your decision. In this window, you will be asked to provide a reason for the denial. This reason will be sent to the person who submitted the form!

Click Confirm to complete the denial. The responder will receive an email notification alerting them that their submission has been denied. Included in this email will be the reason you provided for the denial. 

Here's an example of what the responder will see when receiving the denial email. In this example, we have denied a duplicate Organization Registration request: 

The responder can quickly and easily see the reason provided by the approver. The email also provides an easy link to download a PDF of the denied submission and fast access to submit a new response. The reason for the denial can also be accessed by anyone with Edit or higher access to the form in question. 

Denials can happen at any point in the approval process. If a form response has been denied, those who approved the submission earlier in the approval process are not notified that the response has been denied. The only party that will be notified of the denial is the submitter. 

Think of the approval process like a chain. If any party in the approval process denies the submission, it cuts the link and the chain is broken. One denial will supercede any approvals that happened earlier in the approval process. As soon as a submission is denied, the approval workflow ends; the next approver in line will not be prompted to approve a response that has been denied by a previous approver.

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