Bulk Exporting Form Responses


Exporting form responses is a great way to view and sort the data found in the form submissions! Users will need to have View or higher access to the form in order to export its submissions. From the left navigation menu, select Forms and find your form from the list of options. Once you have located the form you need, click on its title. 


The following page will show a list of all the form submissions. Before exporting the list of responses, be sure all of the responses have loaded. Those submissions can be exported by clicking the "Export" button:


A list of submissions to the "Ice Cream Survey" form.

The Export button will provide you with two options for formatting: Excel and CSV. Choose the option that will work best for you! Form exports will show most of the fields that are part of the form. Please note there are some fields that do not appear on an Excel/CSV form export. Those fields include image uploads, file uploads, and signature fields.


Data in an Excel spreadsheet.

This video guide will give you a full overview of the Form Response page. Stay tuned until the end for more information on how to export all form responses or select choices from the form response list!


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