Exporting A Single Form Response

Once a form response is created and either submitted or saved as a draft, you can export that form response as either a PDF or a CSV. Exporting a form response is a great way to view and share the data found in the form submission!


Users will need to have View or higher access to the form in order to export its submissions.

To export an individual form response, click on Forms from the left navigation menu. On the Forms page, click on the title of the form you are working with. In this example, we'll be exporting an individual response to the Organization Registration form:


Forms page. Organization Registration form title is highlighted.

From the list of responses, click on the title of the response you wish to export. Let's export the Office of Orientation's registration:


A list of submissions to the organization registration form.

At the top of the form response is an "Export" button. Click the Export button and choose the format you prefer for your export.


An organization registration submission. The Export button appears in the corner of the screen.

The PDF format will allow you to quickly access any attached images, signatures, or files that have been uploaded as part of the submission. If you're looking for a spreadsheet style format, choose CSV. Please note that CSV formatted exports do not include images, signatures, or file attachments.

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