Editing or Deactivating A Form Category

Change or delete an existing Form Category


Form Categories allow Campus Administrators to organize similar or related forms together. In order to create or edit a Form Category, you will need to be a Campus Administrator. If you need to create a new Form Category, check out this guide!


To make changes to an existing Form Category, click on Forms from the left navigation menu. Next, click the Form Categories tab at the top of the Forms page


Forms menu showing form categories tab

On this page, you will see a list of existing Form Categories. To edit or deactivate a Form Category, click on the three stacked dots and make your selection.


Form category menu

Editing A Form Category

To edit a Form Category, follow the steps above and select Edit from the dropdown menu. A pop up window will appear allowing you to edit the name currently being displayed. Enter your new Form Category name and click the Save Changes button. The change will take place immediately. All existing forms will be automatically updated with the new Category name.


Editing a form category name

Deactivating A Form Category


You may decide that you no longer need to use a specific form category. To deactivate a Form Category, follow the directions above, click on the three stacked dots, and choose "Deactivate".


A pop up window will appear asking you to confirm your selection. Click Confirm to deactivate the Form Category.

Form category deactivation confirmation.

The deactivation is immediate. The selected Form Category will be removed from the list of active Form Categories and it will be unassigned from any form it has been assigned to.

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