Exploring The Forms Menu: Responses Tab

The Forms Response Inbox is where you can easily manage and approve all the form responses you have access to as well as all responses you have submitted. Here's a quick tour of the Forms Response Inbox!


To access your Forms Response Inbox, click Forms from the left navigation menu, then select the Responses tab at the top of the page:


Forms Response Inbox

Your Forms Response Inbox is divided into three folders: The Inbox, the Outbox, and the Shared folder.

  • Inbox: The inbox contains all incoming form responses including those that require your approval.

  • Outbox: The outbox shows all form responses you have submitted.

  • Shared: The shared folder shows all form responses that have been shared with you. This means someone has given access to their form response so you can see what has been submitted.

Filtering & Search

Use the search bar at the top of the inbox to search for a specific response. You can also use the filter buttons to quickly find the responses you're looking for.

  • Form: Allows you to pull results for one or multiple forms.

  • Status: Search by submission status including approved forms, those pending approval, denied submissions, and responses saved as a draft.

  • Dates: Limit your inbox to a specific date range.

  • >>: The "requires attention" button will filter only those responses that may require your approval.

Once you've located the form response you need, click on the response in the left column and you'll see a preview of the response populate on the right. From here, you can view the full response, approve or deny the response, or edit the response. The options available will depend on your role as an approver and your access to the form.


Preview pane on the forms response inbox
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