Form Sequencing

Form Sequencing

The Form Sequencing option allows you to choose another form for respondents to complete before the current form can be completed. Want your students to complete a pre-registration form before they can fill out an evaluation form? This would be a way to create that workflow.


Let's say you created a pre-registration form for your virtual gaming night. Attendees wishing to participate must complete the registration form in order to attend. We'll call this pre-registration form "Form A". After the event is over, you want to get some feedback from folks who attended. You want to ensure that only people who filled out the pre-registration form are able to complete the evaluation form. Let's call our post-event evaluation form "Form B".


Under Form Sequencing, you would select the pre-registration form in the Form field. Next, you choose the status of that pre-registration form.


Choosing A Status


Not all forms need an approval workflow. Sometimes you just need some basic information that doesn't require sign off from other folks on campus. If your Form A does not have an approval workflow, you will choose "submitted" in the Status field.



Creating an approval workflow for your form gives you the opportunity to review the submission and choose whether or not you approve it or deny it. If you only want folks who have an approved submission to Form A to be able to submit Form B, then be sure to choose the "approved" status.


form sequencing

Form Sequencing will prevent responders from accessing Form B until they have completed Form A. If they attempt to access Form B, the responder will receive a notification explaining that they cannot complete Form B.


Responders cannot complete the form until they fill out a prior form.




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