Exploring The Forms Menu: Campus Forms


The Campus Forms tab contains a list of all forms that have the "Campus Wide" form setting. This means all of the forms listed on this tab can be seen under the Forms tab of the Student Portal (provided other form settings do not limit visibility). Let's take a quick tour of the Campus Forms tab!



Search and Filters

Just above the form titles, you will see a search bar. Here, you can type in the name of the form you're looking for! There are several filters available to help quickly locate your form.


Please note, if you do not see the form you're looking for, it's possible you do not have access to that form. The Campus Forms page only shows forms you have access to, including forms you created. You may need to contact the form creator to request access.

  • Category - Form categories are created by Campus Administrators and are unique to your campus. Assigning a form category is optional, but it's a great way to organize your forms! Learn more about Form Categories here!

  • Status - this filter will allow you to see forms that are active, deactivated, and those saved as a draft. By default, the status filter is set to show active forms only.

  • Created: This filter allows you search through forms you created versus forms that were created by others and shared with you.

  • Created By - Do you know the name of the person who created the form? You can use this filter to bring up a list of all forms created by that user.

Actions Available

Next to each form are three stacked dots that, when clicked, will show a menu of available actions you can take. The choices that appear in that menu will depend on your level of access to that particular form. Remember, each form has its own access settings, so the access you have to one form may not be the same access you have for a different form. Let's take a look at some of the actions you can take!



Edit: Allows you to make changes to the content of the form.

View Responses: Allows you to view all the submissions for that form.

View Response Summary: Brings you to the summary view of the form responses.

Respond From Portal: Fill out the form through the Student Portal.

Deactivate: Deactivate the form. All data is preserved, but the form is removed from the list of active forms and cannot accept any further responses.

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