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We aren’t allowed to send ID cards for security reasons. Will that prevent us from moving forward with the training process?

We highly recommend that you send us sample IDs so we can troubleshoot any check in issues on our end. However, we can move forward with the training process without the IDs. Your Customer Success Manager may need to get some additional information from you to set up things on our end.

Do the test ID cards we send need to be actual students?

They do not. We highly recommend the test ID cards match exactly what a student ID's data would be. For example, if the student's barcode or magnetic stripe data was 123456=9876 we would ask that the test data match the same amount of numbers and spaces: 111111=1111.

We do not have barcodes or magnetic stripes on our student ID cards. Can we utilize check-in?

Yes! There are several ways to support check-in for folks who cannot use barcodes or magnetic stripes. We can leverage tap technology like Transact (Mobile Interface Only), or we can use our Digital ID feature! Connect with your CSM to decide the best solution for your campus.
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