Magnetic Stripe (Mobile & Web Interface)

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The magnetic stripe on the back of student ID cards is used for a variety of reasons at institutions, such as swiping into the dining hall or checking items out at the recreation center. They can also be used to check attendees into events through Involve. In order to use this method of check in at events, the data contained within your student ID magnetic stripe needs to be in the Data File.

How are they used by Involve?

One of the ways in which you can check attendees into events with the magnetic stripe on their ID is through the mobile app. When using the app, you can connect a card swiper to the mobile or tablet device to swipe attendees successfully into the event.

You can use your own swipers, or ask your Customer Success Manager for swipers. Dependent on availability, requested swipers are mailed from the Involve office on the 15th of each month. Check with support request by the 10th of the month. Your CSM will confirm availability and your order will be shipped in the monthly swiper mailing.

The two types of swipers we provide are Track 2 Headphone Jack swipers or Bluetooth Swipers. The Track 2 Headphone Jack swipers are free. The Bluetooth Swipers are $25 per swiper. You can also check attendees into events with a magnetic stripe on the Web Portal by connecting a USB swiper to your laptop or desktop computer. We do not provide or sell USB swipers.

Note: If your institution decides to purchase the Bluetooth swipers, they can only be used on Apple devices. You will also be unable to use any other type of swiper on Apple devices, and will need to provide alternate swipers for Android devices. Please contact support regarding how to set this up, if you decide to choose this option. 

Magnetic stripe check-ins are useful for an efficient and quick check in process, as you won’t need to manually enter student ID numbers or email addresses. You can have attendees swipe the ID themselves for a contactless check-in, or take the IDs and swipe them yourself. Your check in lines, particularly for larger events, will run more smoothly by simply swiping attendees into the event.

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