Contactless/Proximity (Web Interface Only)

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If your campus uses a contactless or proximity card reading system, you can use these readers for contactless check-in on the Web Interface only.

In order to use this method of check-in at events, the data contained on your ID cards (i.e. card number) that your Contactless/Proximity readers use will need to be in the data file. You can read more about the data needed for this here: Data File.

How are they used by Involve?

You can check attendees via the Contactless/Proximity readers in the web interface only. When using the web interface, you will connect the Contactless/Proximity reader to the computer. This will allow you to scan, swipe, or tap an attendee’s ID, and successfully check them into the event.

Involve does not provide Contactless/Proximity card readers. Please reach out to your Card Services Office to obtain these card readers.
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