Barcode (Mobile & Web Interface)

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Some institutions have a barcode on their student IDs that is used for different purposes on your campuses. If your institution has barcodes on its students IDs, they can also be used to check attendees into events through Involve.

In order to use this method of check in at events, the data contained within your student ID barcodes needs to be in the data file. You can read more about the data needed for this here: Data File.

How are they used by Involve?

You can check attendees via the barcode in both the mobile app and the Web Portal. When using the mobile app, there is a built-in scanner that will allow you to scan an attendee’s ID, and successfully check them into the event. The app is accessible on both Apple and Android devices. If your campus has its own barcode scanners, you can connect them to a laptop or desktop computer, and scan attendees into the event using the web portal. We do not provide or sell barcode scanners.

Barcodes are useful for an efficient and quick check in process, as you won’t need to manually enter student ID numbers or email addresses. It also allows for a contactless check in process, because you won’t need to take the ID card from the attendee to check them in. Your check in lines, particularly for larger events, will run more smoothly by simply scanning attendees into the event.

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