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Should I whitelist Involve emails?

Absolutely! Involve sends a number of automated emails to notify users of different actions in the system. In order to ensure the delivery of these emails, it is important to request Campus IT “whitelist” all emails from and our static IP addresses:

We want to utilize some of the integrations that you offer, but aren't sure that we are able to do them right now. Can we add those in the future?

Absolutely! Calendar feeds and other integrations can be implemented in the future, after your initial setup is complete. Your Customer Success Manager can provide more information about how to get those set up!

We have provided Student & Staff Photos. Can they update their photos in Involve?

No. Involve uses the photos you send us as the official photo for that person. If you would like the photo updated on the person's profile and Digital ID, you will need to provide a new .zip folder of student and staff photos to your Customer Success Manager. You can see more information here Student & Staff Photos.
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