Event Calendar Feeds

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We offer a number of different ways to import events from Involve to your website or another calendaring system. Your Customer Success Manager can provide more details and information needed to utilize these.

Note: For all items below, replace the entire text in brackets (including the brackets) with the appropriate information. For example, you'd replace [[subdomain]] with atlantis. Subdomains must match an institution's EDU domain. ie. www.atlantis.edu would be atlantis.

WebCal Feed

A WebCal feed of all events in Involve that can then be imported into many common campus calendar systems, Google Calendar, and more. This feed includes the start and end date/time, location, description, and a link to the event page on the web portal. This feed can also be used in a number of other mobile applications that allow importing a WebCal feed.


Embeddable iFrame

An iFrame calendar provides a simple way to add a calendar of all Involve events to any web page. Each event links to the details of that event within your campus portal. 


Event APIs

For more details, click here.

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