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Technology has changed the landscape of education. We now have more choices than ever for virtual engagement, involvement, and collaboration! We’ve partnered with Zoom & Microsoft Teams to make sure you can capture those moments of involvement, even while being remotely connected!

How It Works

The Zoom & Microsoft Teams attendee tracking integration allows you to automatically add attendees to an event in Involve that have attended a virtual Zoom event. The best part? You can use one or both at the same time!

How to Setup the Integration

Once the initial setup of your campus has been completed and your main contacts have begun training in Involve, we can integrate with Zoom or Microsoft Teams.

To enable the Zoom or Microsoft Teams integration, you can request an integration link from our chat support in the administrative dashboard of Involve or by emailing involve-support@moderncampus.com. More details and guidance will be provided upon receiving the integration link.

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