Student & Staff Photos

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Institutions take official student & staff photos for multiple purposes, such as for ID cards. Involve offers you the opportunity to integrate those photos directly into our site and Digital ID.

How It Works

Once photos have been integrated into Involve, they appear in 4 locations:

  • Digital ID
  • Student Portal Quick Profile
  • Student Portal Profile
  • Admin Portal Person Profile

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How to Setup the Integration

To integrate Student & Staff Photos into Involve, you will compile all images into a single .zip folder. The names of the photos should be the student's or staff's ID number.

Once you have the .zip folder, please let your Customer Success Manager know and they will provide you the location to send the .zip folder to. From there, our team of Developers imports the photos into Involve.

Note: Students and staff are not able to update their photos. We use the photos that are sent to us in the .zip folder as the official photos for that specific person. If you would like to update photos, a new .zip folder will need to be sent to your CSM.
The Student & Staff Photos integration takes 45 days from the date your Customer Success Manager receives the information from you.
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