Form Settings: Visibility

How to show your form to your organization, event, or your campus!




Let's begin by creating a new form or by editing an existing form. Once the form is open, click on the Settings button, found in the upper right corner:


Update form screen with "settings" menu button circled.

The Settings button will open up a menu of options:


Visibility settings menu.

Click the title to expand and collapse additional options for each section. Below is a deeper dive into the Visibility section!



Require Login

Requiring login is great for forms that will be completed by your campus community. When this setting is enabled, Presence will automatically collect the name and email address of the responder, so you don't have to ask those questions on your form!


When this option is checked, responders will be required to log in before completing the form. If you wish to allow for edits to the response, Require Login must be selected. Enabling this setting also unlocks different options for your approval workflow.



When checked, a person can submit a response anonymously so that you can collect data without having names associated with responses. This setting is commonly used for feedback forms and elections. Even if login is required for your form, the name and email address will not be displayed at the top of the response.



This section allows you to choose how visible your form is to other users.


Respond From Admin: Allows users to respond to the form from within the Admin Dashboard instead of just the Student Portal. You must require login for your form in order to enable this option.


Attached to Organization: Attaching to an organization will make the form visible on that organization’s Presence page. You may attach the form to multiple organizations. Once an organization is selected in this field, you can choose if membership in the selected organization is required in order to view/complete the form.

Require membership option when attaching form to an organization

If you attach your form to multiple organizations and you enable Require Membership, that means that the responder must be a member in at least one of the organizations listed in order to complete the form.


Attached to Event: When a form is attached to an event, this will create a "Forms" tab on the event page. When viewing the event on the Student Portal, viewers can easily click a link directly to the desired form. You may attach the form to multiple events.


Campus Wide: This setting will make the form visible for all campus users and can be found under the “Forms” tab on the student portal. Only Campus Administrators can make a form Campus Wide.


This option allows you to choose another form for respondents to complete before the current form can be completed. Want your students to complete a pre-registration form before they can fill out an evaluation form? This would be a way to create that workflow.

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