Form Settings: Advanced Approvals & Notifications

Learn how to include messages, allow editing, and apply conditional logic to your approval workflow.

Below we discuss some of the advanced options you can apply when building an approval and notification workflow for your forms! This includes special messaging, conditional logic, and giving approvers the ability to edit submissions.


Need help getting started with the basics of approvals and notifications? Check our intro guide to these form settings!



To add a custom message to an approval stage, click the Message button next to the chosen stage. A rich text field will appear allowing you to enter text, links, and videos as part of your message to that approver.


A message attached to an approval stage.

The message entered in this field is static, meaning the approver or notified party will receive the same message every time a form response is submitted. Here's an example of what the approver or notified party will receive in their email:


Sample email with message

Conditional Logic

Sometimes, you only want a person to approve a response when certain conditions or criteria are met. Conditional logic can help!


To use conditional logic, click the Logic button next to the desired approval stage. Here, you can outline the conditions under which this approver should be included in the approval process. Let's say we want Kris to approve any submissions where the responder has chosen "Option B" in the choice field OR they choose an organization in the Greek category. This can be achieved by adding two conditions and choosing "Any of the following match".

Example of logic with two conditions

If we want Kris to approve submissions that meet BOTH of these conditions, we'd simply change "Any" to "All":


Conditional logic on an approval stage.

Can Edit

The Can Edit button allows approvers the opportunity to edit a response during their approval stage. This is different than giving someone Edit access to the form in that approvers with Can Edit ability can only edit during their approval stage. Once they approve the response, that approver will not be able to make edits to the response.


If you would like approvers to be able to edit responses, you need to apply some settings to your form. First, turn on the "require login" setting found in the Visibility settings section. Next, turn on "Allows Revisions" found in the Details settings. When you add an approval stage, you'll notice the Can Edit button appear next to each approval stage. To enable editing for an approver, click the Can Edit button next to their approval stage.


The Can Edit button on an approval stage




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