Organization Management: Requests Tab

The Requests tab on the Organization page allows approvers to view, approve, or deny new organization registration requests quickly! Only users with access to the Organization Registration form will be able to view these registration requests.



To navigate to the Organization Requests page, click on Organizations from the left navigation menu.


Left navigation menu options

Next, choose the Requests tab at the top of the page. Here you will see a list of new organization registration requests. If you are an active approver - meaning it is now your turn to approve based on the approval workflow established by your institution - you will see a "Requires Action" banner next to the request.


You may see requests on this tab that do not require any attention at this time. You are able to see these requests because of your access to the Organization Registration form. If it is your turn to approve, you can click on the three stacked dots and choose to view, approve, or deny the request.


The requires action banner next to a request means it's your turn to approve.

If it is not yet your turn to approve this request, your view will be a little different. In the screenshot below, the user can only view this request because it is not their turn to approve yet.


Approvers are only able to view requests until it is their turn to approve.


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