Organization Registration Field Overview

The Organization Registration form has two types of fields: Mandatory and Optional fields. Mandatory fields can not be removed from the form and will be used to map major organization information to the portal. In order to edit the Organization Registration form, you must have access to the form. If you do not have the required access, please contact your Campus Administrator for assistance. 


Mandatory Fields

The following fields are mandatory in order for the system to generate an organization page. They cannot be removed.


Organization Name

This is a mandatory text field that cannot be removed from the form. The information in this field will be the Organization's Name. This is a required field.



Another mandatory rich-text field.  Information in this field can be modified with hyperlinks, custom formatting and much more! The information provided in this field generates a description of the organization on their organization page. This is a required field.


Cover Image

The image selected in this mandatory image field will appear on the public portal when viewing the organization and on the Details tab of the organization's page. This is a required field.



This choice field set to populate current organization categories. We highly recommend utilizing categories in your organization registration. Utilizing categories will allow for more options when building approval workflows on forms and more control over organization transition and active requirement settings. This field is mandatory (meaning it must stay on the form), but not required (meaning students have the option of leaving this field blank).



Optional fields

Here are some additional fields that can be removed/added to the form and will be used to map organization information to the portal. While each field offers utility, they can be removed from your Organization Registration form to best fit your processes!


Optional field types that can be added to the organization registration form.

Meeting Time/Location

This optional text and choice field will display information on the student portal as the organization's meeting time and location. These fields each have a 150 character limit.


Contact Name / Email

Another optional text and email field, adding in this information will create a "Contact" tab on the organizations page! These fields each have a 150 character limit.


Facebook ID / Twitter Handle

These fields when completed will create a live feed of the organization's Facebook and Twitter pages!


Waiver Field

This optional choice field is set to populate current waivers in the system. When a waiver is assigned to an organization, every event hosted by that organization will populate that waiver during event check-in. To learn more about Waivers, click here.


Roster Widget

Optional field set to add members to the roster of the organization and more depending on optional settings. This field is invaluable during the registration and transition process! You can adjust the requirements to include minimum members, required officer positions, and even grant admin access to officers!


The roster widget
  • Require Minimum - require a minimum amount of responses for the field

  • Require Titles - Can set required officer roles such as President/ Vice presented to be selected

  • Create Officers As Users - Officers that are selected can be added as users to the system automatically

Advisor Widget

Optional field that can be added to automatically add an advisor to the roster of the organization and give them user access.


File Upload Field

Great for requesting organization constitutions or charter information! Field settings can be toggled to automatically add the uploaded file to the organization's documents tab!

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