Deactivating an Organization

If an organization is not meeting requirements or has chosen not to remain in an active status, Campus Admins have the option to deactivate an Organization. When an Organization is deactivated, the data is preserved and will be visible if the Organization is reactivated. To learn more, check out the instructions below.

1. From any screen, hover over the navigation bar on the left and select "Organizations" to bring up the organizations list.

2. Click on the 3 stacked dots next to an organization and select "Deactivate".
Please note that this step can only be completed by a Campus Admin with the "Deactivate Organizations" permission. If you do not see an option to deactivate an organization, please contact your Campus Admin for assistance.

3. To view the data from a deactivated Organization, filter the Organizations list to show "Inactive" Organizations.

4. After filtering the list to show Inactive organizations, click on the three stacked dots next to an Organization and select "Analytics" to view the data from a deactivated Organization!

Check out this article if you would like to learn how to Reactivate an Organization.

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