Organization Roster Settings

You can add settings to your organizations to help with managing and organizing your members and how they can join your organization!. Please note, only Campus Admins have the ability to change the roster settings for any organization. If you do not see the settings options outlined below, please reach out to your Campus Admin for assistance.



From any screen, hover over the navigation bar on the left and select "Organizations" to bring up the organizations list.


Left Navigation menu options

Type the name of your organization in the search bar and select your organization or choose from the list of organizations on the screen.


Click on the "Roster" tab:


The roster tab of an organization page.

Scroll down to the Members section and click the "Settings" button:


The settings button located in the members section of an organization roster page.

The Roster Settings page will appear and you can select the option(s) that are needed for your organization.


  • Allow Students To Join On Portal: This is the default setting for all organizations. This creates a "Join" button on every organization page and permits any user to join the organization without any further steps. Simply click and join! Unchecking this box will remove the "Join" button from an organization page. This is ideal for organizations such as departments, invitation only based organizations, or organizations with a member vetting process (Greek orgs, honoraries, etc.).

  • Allow Organizations to Restrict Members & Require Approval For Members: This allows organizations to restrict membership and review members before allowing them to join.

Roster Settings menu

When Restrict Members and Require Approval are selected together, folks will need to request to join the organization. Organization admins are then prompted to approve or deny that join request.


Once the Join button is pressed and a request to join an organization is sent, folks will see "Pending Invitation" appear where the "Join" button was. If the request is denied, this message changes to "Denied Request".



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