Adding New Members To An Organization

You can add members to an organization to help keep track of your members, officers, and advisors! To add members to your organization, hover over the left navigation menu, then click Organizations to bring up the organizations list:


From the organization listing page, click the three stacked dots to the right of your organization name, then select “Roster”.



You can also click into the organization and click the “Roster” tab at the top of the page:



Scroll down to the Members section of your organization page. Depending on your access and permissions, you'll find an "Add Members" or an "Invite Members" button. Click the button to add members to your organization! 



Once you click on the Add/Invite Members button, a pop up window will appear allowing you to search by name or email address. Click "Add" to add your new attendee as a Member or click "Add & Edit" to select a different role for your new member!



If you select Add & Edit, a new menu will appear allowing you to select the desired role for your new member: 



Select the desired role and click the green Save button to apply the changes and add the person to your roster! A membership request email will be sent to the individual you just added. 

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