Granting Officers Organization Admin Access

Making someone an officer in your organization is a great way to share the responsibility of maintaining your group! When someone is an officer it is easy to add them to approval and notification steps on forms using that role, however, they will not always automatically be able to access the administrative side of your organization. This article will explain the circumstances when your organization officers will and will not be granted organization admin access automatically, and help you learn how to grant that access to them if needed!


When Is Organization Admin Access Automatically Granted to Officers?


Organization admin access will only be granted automatically when the roster is edited on the organization registration form. The roster will be editable on the organization registration form when you are registering an organization for the first time and when the organization goes through the transition process. The roster will never appear during a regular organization update.


Editing the roster through the organization registration form does not guarantee that your officers will be granted admin access, however. Campus administrators will need to enable the “Create Officers as Users” feature on the organization registration form to ensure that the officers are granted those privileges upon approval of their submission.


To enable the Create Officers as Users feature, you will need to navigate to the editing side of the organization registration form. Then find the roster field and click the small pencil button in the top right corner of the field to bring up the roster settings. Towards the bottom of the roster settings should be a field titled “Create Officers as Users”. From here you can enable or disable this feature as needed, and select which officers will be granted administrative privileges upon the approval of the submission. When officers are created as users in this way, they will be granted the standard administrative privileges.


The standard privileges include:

  • Edit Organizations

  • Create Events

  • Add Attendees via Web

  • Add Bulk Attendees via Web

If you need your officers to have other rights, such as finance access, you will need to grant those manually.



When Is Organization Admin Access Not Automatically Granted to Officers?


When the roster is updated via the roster tab on the organization’s admin page, officers will not be automatically granted admin access to the organization.



When officers are added in this way, someone with access to add and edit users will need to go to the officers’ profiles and update their access to make them organization admins for their orgs. Typically, organization officers are not granted the ability to add or edit users, and a campus admin will need to be asked to update the newly created officers’ permissions.


Keep in mind that once a student’s admin access is updated, they will need to log out and back in for the changes to take effect! If you need help adding or changing officers' roles, check out our support article on Managing Organization Members & Their Roles

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