How to Leave an Organization

Sometimes, you join an organization that's just not a good fit for you. Sometimes, you accidentally click the join button on an organization page just to see what it does. It happens! No matter what the situation is, here's how you can leave an organization and remove your name from the roster.


For Members:

Users with the position of Member will see an option menu on their profile and be able to leave an organization roster right from their profile.


From the student portal dashboard, navigate to your Profile by clicking on the people icon in the upper right corner of the screen.


Navigate to your Memberships and find the organization you are wanting to leave. Select the three stacked dots next to the organization you are wanting to leave and select "Leave Organization."



For Officers and Advisors:


Officers and Advisors will need to be removed from their organizations roster by someone with Campus Admin access. We recommending emailing or visiting your Student Life office/department for further assistance.


If you are an organization admin looking to remove folks from your roster, check out our article on Managing Organization Members & Their Roles to learn more!

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