Managing Organization Members & Their Roles

Managing your roster is an important part of keeping your organization up-to-date and organized. Here's how you can remove inactive users and update the officer positions held by current members!


From any screen, hover over the left navigation menu and select "Organizations"


From the organizations listing page, click the three stacked dots next to the organization you want to update, then select “Roster”:



You can also select an organization and click the “Roster” tab. The Roster tab provides a complete list of all members and officers in the organization.  



Changing A Member's Role

To change a member's role in the organization, click on the Pencil Icon to the right of a member’s name. An “Edit Member” box will appear. Click on the drop down menu to change or update a member’s role. Once you have selected a new role for that member, click the green Save button:



Deactivating a Member


Follow the steps above to access the Roster page for your organization and click the pencil icon next to the member you wish to deactivate. An “Edit Member” box will appear. Click on the red “Deactivate” box to remove a member from the organization



If you need to add new members to an organization, check out our article on “Adding Members To An Organization”!


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