How To Create An Event

So, you're ready to host an event! We are so excited for you! Whether you're planning a members-only training workshop or an all-campus shindig, we can show you how to make your events available to the campus community. 


In order to create an Event, you need to have a certain level of access on the platform. If you do not have access to the steps outlined below, please reach out to your Campus Administrator to discuss your options.


Get Started!

Hover your mouse over the left side of your screen to expand the menu. From the left navigation menu, click on "Events". This will bring you to the Events page. Click on the + icon in the top right corner of the page to create a new event.


Left navigation menu options
Plus symbol on the Events page allows you to create new events

Another way to access event creation is to click on the "Create" option in the left navigation menu. Select Event: 


Create button menu

Create An Awesome Event

Awesome! Now, it's the moment of truth. The moment where you create the most amazing event your campus has ever seen.  You got this!


Every campus has the ability to customize their Event Registration Form, so your campus' form might look a little different than the screenshots below.  Any field marked with a red * is a mandatory field that must be completed before you can submit your event request.


Event registration form.
The following event registration fields have character limits.
  • Event Name: 255 characters
  • Contact Name: 150 characters
  • Contact Email: 150 characters

Once you have completed the event registration form, scroll to the top and click the green button to submit your event registration form. 


Submit for approval button

Your institution may have an approval process in place. If so, you will see your event reflected on the events page once your submission has been reviewed by a Campus Administrator. You will also receive an email once your submission has been approved. 


Best Practices

  • Be sure to proofread your event submission. Do you have the correct time/date? Did you enter the correct location? Make sure students can find your event with ease!

  • Provide a description of your event so folks know what they can look forward to when they attend!

  • Listing a contact for your event makes it easy for attendees to ask a question about your event. This information will be visible to the public unless the event is explicitly set for members only.

Contact information field


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