Adding Attendees To An Event (Via Web)

There are several ways event attendees can be checked in to an event! Check out our other support articles for more information on using our mobile app for event check-in or to learn how to add attendees after an event is over. Here's how you can add attendees to your event using a computer! Please note, only admins with the "Add Attendees Via Web" right will be able to add attendees through the web interface. If you are not able to complete the steps below, please reach out to your campus administrator to request the necessary access.

Attendees can be added starting one hour before an event's start time through one hour after the event's end time. From the left navigation menu, click on Events: 

Click on the link for the event you will be checking folks in to. Then, click on the attendees tab at the top of the page. On the right side of the screen, you'll see a button to "Add Attendees":

A pop up box will appear allowing you to check folks in by entering their email, entering their ID number, or swiping their id through a card reader: 

After each entry, click the Check In button. A confirmation message will appear in the bottom right of the screen when an attendee is successfully added:

You can also use the "Bulk Add" tab at the top of the pop up window to add multiple people at once. We recommend processing those batches periodically to ensure the check-in goes smoothly. A blue banner message will appear below the Check In button confirming the number of attendees added to the event.

If a user has already been checked in to the event previously, the blue banner message will indicate as much:


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