Adding Organization Members through an Event Attendees List

There are a lot of great ways to grow your organization using Involve! One easy way is to add members of your organization through an event attendance list.


To add members to your organization through an event attendance list, first, navigate to an event with attendees you'd like to invite.


Once you’re on the event’s page, select the attendees tab. There you will find a complete list of all the students who checked in to your event.


Next, click the small arrow next to the Email Attendees tab.


A dropdown list will appear, featuring the option “Add/Invite as Members of Organization”.


Clicking this button will automatically email the attendees and invite them to join your organization!


NOTE: Depending on your permissions the button will read either "Add As Member of Organization" or "Invite As Member of Organization".

Having "Add" will add the person as a member to your organization, while having "Invite" will send the invitee an email asking them to approve the invitation


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