Exporting Event Attendee Lists

Tracking event attendance provides valuable insight on engagement and involvement. In addition to the data provided through our analytics page, event attendance can be exported into a convenient spreadsheet with just a few clicks!


Here are two ways to export a list of event attendees!


Using the left navigation menu, click on Events:

Next, locate the event by using the search bar or by choosing from the list of events provided. The default view for the event listing page is 60 days - 30 days prior through 30 days into the future. If the event you're looking for isn't listed, use the green "Date/Time" button to adjust the date range being searched.


Once the event has been located, click on the three stacked dots at the end of the row. From here you can directly click on the "Download Attendee List" option. A .csv file will download to your device.


Alternately, you can click on the title of the event to load more details. Click the Attendees tab to see a list of attendees that have been checked in to the event:


On the right side of the page is a button allowing you to "Email Attendees". Click on the small arrow to the right of the "Email Attendees" button to expand other options! Here you can add additional attendees or export the attendee list as a .csv file.


Below is an example of an exported event attendee list! Included in the export is the attendee's first and last name, ID number**, email, and check-in time.


**You must have admin access allowing you to see ID numbers. This information will not be in your export if you do not have the access necessary to view this information.


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