Adding Attendees After Event Has Ended

Use ID numbers to add attendees post event!

Sometimes you may need to add attendees to an event after it has happened. These directions are specifically for adding attendees an hour or more after the event has ended. Please note, if you are adding attendees after the event is over, you will need to use student ID numbers. Email addresses cannot be used as a way to add students after the event has ended.

If you do not have the Student ID numbers for your attendees, please contact your Campus Administrator.


For more info on adding attendees when the event is active, see these articles. 


Adding Attendees Post Event:

1. Hover over the left side of the screen to expand the left navigation menu.  Select Events from the options provided: 


2. Find your event by scrolling through the event list or by typing the name of the event in the search bar. If your event is over 30 days old, use the green Date/Time filter to adjust the date range. Once you have the event you need, click on the three stacked dots on the right. Select “Attendees” from the options that appear.


3. From the Attendees tab, click on the “Add Attendees” button on the right side of the page. (If this button is not available to you, please reach out to your campus administrator to discuss adding the necessary access to your account.)

If you have already added a few folks to the attendee list and wish to add more, you will not have an "Add Attendees" button. Instead, click the small arrow next to the "Email Attendees" button and choose "Add Attendees" from the list of options:


4. A new pop up window will appear with the option to bulk add attendees:


5. Enter as many ID numbers as you like and click the green “Check In” button. You will receive a notification at the bottom of the window confirming that your attendees have been added! All done!


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