Emailing Event Attendees

Need to quickly and easily email the folks who attended your event? Now you can! This is a great way to get feedback about your program, share follow-up information, and more!

Note: This is a great option for a short list of event attendees. The email attendees option has a limit of around 2,000 characters (approx. 60-75 email addresses). If you have more than 60 attendees, export the attendees then copy the email column into your email's "BCC:" field!

To email a list of less than 60 event attendees, follow these steps.


Hover your mouse over the left side of your screen to expand the left navigation menu. Click on Events:


Left navigation menu options

Next, search for your event and click on the title. At the top of the page, click on the "Attendees" tab:


Event page showing the attendees tab

Scroll down to the button that says "Email Attendees":


Email attendees button on the Attendees tab

You will need to have an email client set up on your computer in order for this feature to work. The "Email Attendees" button will open up your default email client so you can send your message; the messages are not sent through the Involve platform directly.


When you click the "Email Attendees" button, the "BCC:" field will be automatically populated with the email addresses of each person on the attendees list, making messaging quick and easy! This is a great way to send follow up surveys or feedback forms!


Note: If the email client you are using is Outlook on a Windows computer, you may need to change your setting to allow commas as a separator.

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