Insert Content to All Events

If you need to insert an announcement into all existing events, you can do so without editing each individual event by inserting a Content Field into your Event Registration form, and all existing events will be updated with this information. 

Hover your mouse over the lefthand navigation bar and select "Forms".

From here, search for "Event Registration". Click on the three stacked dots at the end of the row and select "Edit"

Once on the form update page, click on the "+ Fields" button, which will open the form builder panel 

Click on the "Content" field under the "Layout" section, then drag and drop it onto your form.

Once you've placed the Content field on the form, click on "Editor", which will bring you to the Content Editor screen.

Here, you can enter important information that will be added to the top of all existing events. You can adjust the size of the text by selecting one of the Header settings (H1, H2, H3, etc.).

Collapse the Content Editor and Form Builder panels, and then make sure to save your changes!

This is what the information will look like on the Student Portal view of events:

If this information is no longer relevant and needs to be removed from events, simply hover your mouse over the Content field and click on the "X" to remove it from the form.

Again, just make sure to save your changes!

(Note: Appropriate permissions required. Consult your primary contact for Involve on campus if you do not see this option. Not sure who your primary contact is? Involve support is here to help!)

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