Contacting Event Hosts

There may be times where administrator need to contact all of the leaders/hosts of events at once. You can easily gather the contact information for those responsible for running approved events in the Event Registration export!

(Note: Appropriate permissions required. Consult your primary contact for Involve on campus if you do not see this option.)

To export the responses to Event Registration, first hover your mouse over the left side navigation bar and select "Forms". 

From the forms list, search for and open Event Registration. Once on the Event Registration responses page, wait for all of the submissions to load. Depending on the number of responses to your Event Registration form, this may take a few minutes.

Once all of the responses have loaded, click on the "Export" button and select the type of file you'd like to download. Again, it may take a minute for the file to appear in the downloads bar, as this is a big file!

Once you have exported the responses to Event Registration, you can filter the data to narrow down the number of responses that you see. We suggest considering the following:

  • Sorting the "Start/End Date Time" column will help you to narrow down the date range of the time that Events are scheduled to be hosted

  • Sorting the "Approval Status" column will help you to remove the requests that have been denied. Depending on your reason for contacting event hosts, you may want to additionally omit responses that are still "Pending". 

  • The "Contact Information-Contact Email" column will display the information entered in the Event Registration responses "Contact Information" section. You can then copy this column into another sheet so that you can eliminate duplicate email addresses. 

  • If not all responses have entered information into the "Contact Email" field, you may want to additionally copy the "Responder Email" column into your separate sheet (as this column will have data for every event). Again, set up a filter to eliminate duplicate email addresses. 

Once you have your list of email addresses in a single column, simply copy and paste the information into your email client's recipient field!

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