Rescheduling Deleted Events

If previously deleted events need to be brought back to the portal (for example, canceled/postponed events that have been rescheduled), you can bring them back by editing the corresponding Event Registration form response, entering the new date of the event, and submitting the response without approval. 

(Note: Only those with "Edit & Share" access to a form are able to Submit without Approval.)

Hover your mouse over the left side navigation bar and select "Forms".

From here, search for and open "Event Registration". Search for the Event that needs to be rescheduled, and click on the three stacked dots at the end of its row and select "Edit Response"

On the response edit page, change the date of the event to the rescheduled date/time, and make any other changes that might be needed. Then, click on the small arrow next to "Submit for Approval" and select "Submit without Approval". This will re-activate the event to the events list and Student Portal! 

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