Backdating Events

Forget to create an event and need to check in your attendance list? Main contacts for your campus portal are automatically able to create events with past dates and edit events to change the date.

Anyone with this permission can grant permission to backdate events to Campus Administrators, Category Administrators and Organization Administrators on a person by person basis.

If you need this permission and don't know who to ask, reach out to chat support.

Update Access for Users

1. Navigate to user via the "People" icon on the left navigation menu.

2. Click the pencil icon to edit user permissions.


3. Ensure user has a campus administrator, category administrator, or organization administrator role.

4. Under Additional Rights, check "Set Event Dates in the Past."


5. Scroll to the top and save user settings. Users must log out and log back in for their new access privileges to take effect. 

Check out our help article on granting and removing admin access for more information.


Change an Event Date

1. Navigate to the event you want to edit. (Hint: Don't see the event you want to edit? Click the "Date/Time" button and make sure you are in the correct date range.)


2. Click the pencil icon to edit the event.


3. Edit the date as needed.


4. Scroll to the top and submit the changes. Depending on your access level to the form, the event may require additional approval.

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